Raffaella Fico and Mario Balotelli parents

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Raffaella Fico and Mario Balotelli parents

A few hours ago, aboard a BMW with tinted windows, Raffaella Fico left the clinic Mediterranean in Naples with the small Pia (and accompanied by the inseparable mother and brother Francis). No sign outside (and inside) the hospital Mario Balotelli involved in the derby with Manchester United, lost with the result of 3-2. The Italian star did not like the replacement of coach Roberto Mancini, speaking on the BBC, has attempted to play down any controversy over the 'case':

I love Mario but I think for him it is important to start thinking seriously about his work. Can not continue to play like he did today. When a player has qualities like those of Mario, can not throw away, and incomprehensible. I have no words, I feel very bad for him at this time.

That the birth of his daughter (and the inability to see it) have increased nervousness in athletes Italian?

Mario Balotelli happy for the birth of Pia

How will have welcomed Pope Mario Balotelli, the birth of little Pia (in devotion to the saint of Pietrelcina)? Collecting the direct testimony of a faithful friend of the player, the news agency, Ansa, lets you know that 'his entourage leaked all his happiness ( and' happy '), although the relationship not easy with Raffaella Fico, mother of the newborn. ' According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, however, Super Mario had already phoned the hospital to make sure the conditions of its women and showed their willingness to reach Naples next week. After bringing home the victory in the derby against Manchester United, the playmaker ask a day off to Roberto Mancini to visit his daughter.

Raffaella Fico: Mario Balotelli born daughter Pia

UPDATE: It reads the sports newspaper directed by Andrea Monti:

Its color and it was recorded in the hospital and was born, the Clinica Mediterranea Via Orazio, apparently with the surname of his mother, then it would be called Pia Fig.

E 'born in Naples on Wednesday between 19 and 20, the daughter of Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico. The news La Gazzetta Dello Sport. Baby and mother are doing well. The Manchester City striker has not witnessed the birth because, at present, in the UK to meet its commitments football in the Premier League. In the next few hours, probably the ace of the Italian capital will fly in Naples to visit the child (who has been given the name Pia) and his young companion.

Recently, the showgirl Neapolitan had disappeared from circulation to devote himself to the final preparations to welcome the best, the newcomer with the help of her mother and brother Francis inseparable. The evil had speculated that the former gieffina had sold exclusive to the tabloids (or television) of the channel for the last moments before the birth of the baby. Apparently mother Raffaella preferred to relax and unwind to get ready and relaxed for the big day. The last appearance 'public' and dated December 4, 2012: A message left to dry all the fans on Twitter before the enforced silence:

Hello friends you doing anything nice this morning?

Omitting some superficial aspects of this affair (required paternity test, skin color of the baby, the parents similarity), remains, however, a doubt: Super Mario finally will put his head in place by marrying the woman who has made him a father? The bundle, just come into the world, quietera any behavior 'rebel' player? Everything is still possible …

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